Accounting Structure

Invoicing is a small part of accounts receivable. The reverse side of the coin is accounts payable; after all, if you don’t pay the bills and purchase needed supplies your not going to be in business long. I use the documents provided to keep these accounts in balance. Older methods of accounting used ledgers to keep records, thank goodness that method died with the dinosaur. I use Quickbooks a very popular accounting program used by almost any sized company to maintain accurate and easily accessible records.

Accounts Payable

I will manage as little or as much as you desire. I enter any bills and any receipts you provide into Quickbooks and ensure that any receipts are applied to the proper accounts. If your company uses purchase orders to handle purchasing. I will match the purchase to the proper receipt and make sure amount is applied to the proper accounts receivable account. I can also make sure bills and credit accounts are paid in timely fashion. After entering information into the software I file them so that they can be easily retrieved when needed. I then return them to you or keep them on file for you if you desire.

Accounts Receivable

Monthly Reports

Billing is an essential part of any company. It is also essential that it be done properly. Its important to make sure that the customer is not only billed for your time but also any materials used. The customer also needs billed for overhead expense (i.e. electric, gas, or any other operational expense). Just as in accounts payable hard copies of document must be filed and stored for future reference.

All of this can be overwhelming for a business owner who has spent the day providing products and services to customers and now must spend hours muddling their way through the process hoping they get it right. Allow me to help you make your business profitable and running smoothly. My services can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Give me a call today!

I can eliminate the workload!

Reduce your costs!

...and give you peace of mind.

Williams Business Services

Let me help you with all of your financial planning and income tax needs. I can also help arrange monetary or merchandise donation to non-profit organizations or charities events. Rest assured that with my 20 years of experience, you will be very satisfied with the results.

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